Connector Gallery is a collection of connectors created for Microsoft Power Platform by members of the Power Platform community.

The aim of this site is for people proud of their achievements to share their work, without the need to copy it anywhere else. Simply fill our form in with as much information as you have (blog posts, github links, download links etc) and we will share your work alongside other like minded content creators. There are no limits on the sort of connector you can submit and supporting blog posts are recommended!

Microsoft runs the independent publisher program and we would encourage you to look at that if you wish to get your connector published directly into Power Automate. However some connectors are not eligable to be submitted whereas we welcome all connectors!

If you create a connector and you would like to be listed inside this site, check the Submit a new Connector page.

If you have an idea for a connector, please reach out to @mattybeard on Twitter and we’ll see if we can make it come to life.

Finally, if you have a connector on here (or elsewhere) and would like help to publish it in the independent publisher program then reach out to @mattybeard and we will try to help you out!

Please contact @CRMKeeper on Twitter with a direct message if:

  • you are the author and you want to add additional links beside your name (Twitter, LinkedIn, Website, …)
  • you are the author of a Connector and want to remove it from this site

A BIG THANK YOU to Guido Preite for allowing us to run this site.