Installing Connector - Simple Way

Installing Connectors is not hard, you just need to know where to start:)

Find the connector you wish to try, and click the download button. This will open the GitHub repository where you will be able to find the files needed to import the connector.

In this example there are 2 files. The configuration and the LOGO. Let’s start by opening the What3Words.swagger.json file.



Then click on


Lastrly open right click on the file to download the .json file.


Repeat the process for the image file.


Now make your way to Power Apps Maker Portal

Open the custom connector section

PPCustomConnector1 PPCustomConnector2 PPCustomConnector3 PPCustomConnector4 PPCustomConnector5


You can now use the connector in Power Automate. Open up a new Power Automate, and select your custom connector.

Head on over to Power Automate Portal to start a new Power Automate.

You will now find your custom connector available in the custom connector list. FlowConnector1

💎 API’s

if you see a 💎 in the the API will require a key / username for usage. In the case of What3Words you need to signup to get access to such a key.

What3Words API signup


Once you have the, you can connect and create!